African Skies Ltd (ASL) personnel travelled the World and successfully completed a variety of works and projects in different countries, which expand our collective knowledge and professionalism. We are in a position to offer services in Africa, covering a wide range of applications and expertise at an International Level.

ASL is a Service and Support Organization and our prime responsibility is to provide our Clients with a high standard of products and services. Through its Management and Instructors, ASL draws on a wealth of experience in Middle and Top Management positions. We source our personnel throughout the spectrum of society to suit the needs of the Clients. Skills from different fields of expertise are therefore combined to ensure effective service provision.

ASL always seeks every opportunity to integrate local communities into our Projects and Services. Capacity Building and Training of Nationals is central to our operations. It thus remains a strategic internal priority to support and sustain the National Capacity such that it is empowered and better equipped.

Mission Statement
Mission Statement

African Skies Ltd guarantees excellence and dedication in the innovation, development, and production of products and Services that directly address our client’s needs. We are committed to providing client service excellence through the quality of our products, the professionalism, and expertise of our staff, and the unwavering integrity of management.

Vision Statement
Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide best solutions in matters of logistical support and services. We constantly strive for excellence in all related activities by ensuring the highest quality standards. We build enduring relationships with clients by providing the most cost efficient and highly professional services. We have defined our values through excellence, credibility, and commitment towards the work we perform, which guides us on the road of success. We follow ethical business principles to underline the true values of our esteemed organization.


African Skies Personnel always:

  • Embrace continual improvement
  • Strive to do the right things right the first time
  • Adopt quality tools to pursue performance excellence
  • Strive for innovation
  • Challenge our processes
  • Think beyond boundaries
  • Look for innovative ways to create value for our clients


ASL business principles define how we operate and express our core values and behaviors. We believe that operating in accordance with our business principles is essential for sustainable performance and long-term value creation.

  • We conduct all transactions with integrity and in accordance with good business ethic and practices
  • We believe in transparency at all times and at all levels
  • We will use our assets prudently whilst continuously invest in the future
  • We follow a policy of equal opportunity
  • We value and encourage individual growth and creativity
  • We recognize individual and group performance
  • We strive to contribute to the community by creating job opportunities, sharing our experience, and contributing towards local cultural and environmental activities

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