Security Services

African Skies Limited offer integrated security services and risk management as part of our core business services, in addition to other specialized services


African Skies has more than 15 years of security and risk management experience in hostile and austere environments and we provide turn-key solutions to support conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, critical infrastructure protection, and a safe environment for humanitarian work.

African Skies draws on highly skilled and experienced, former military and law enforcement officers to lead security teams and provide training. All our personnel  are vetted and ideally suited for the protection of personnel and assets in a wide variety circumstances and for a multitude of projects and businesses.

Specialized security and risk management services which have been adapted to the particular needs of our clients to mitigate threats. This includes:

  • Infrastructure and Facility Protection: We provide turn-key protection services to residential and office facilities housing diplomatic, humanitarian and assistance personnel as well as embassies, construction projects and other facilities.
  • Security construction: We have the resources to construct force protection infrastructure, install monitoring and alarm equipment, design and implement the security plan at the facility.

In addition to the protection of infrastructure and facilities, African Skies also offers the following specialized services:

  • Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams
  • Specialized security services such as Airport/Aviation Security, VIP Protection
  • Training (Medical, Static Armed Security, Firearms)
  • Integrity testing such as polygraph and EyeDetect

Our ability to adapt, manage change, and to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with a turn-key security solution has earned us a reputation as a company that makes missions possible.


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